The value of tradition.
Yet with a cosmopolitan air.

In 1896 the Fink family took over the townhouse in the “Kleine Lauben” as an inn and a butcher’s shop. With their general renovation, carried out in 2023, Petra and Florian Fink have made the value of the historic more visible, taking into account the ecological aspects in each area. Their philosophy is based upon the conviction that sustainable thinking and action in all areas will result in quality that can withstand the challenges of the future.

»What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow.«

A townhouse that has witnessed may changes

An innkeeper and butcher, Florian’s great-grandfather Johann Fink in 1896 acquired the building in Brixen’s historic centre, which had in earlier times served as the old town’s post office. The balconies and frescoes of the suites – unusual for the city’s medieval houses – suggest that the building may have served monastic purposes in centuries past.

The first documentary records date back to 1039, when the town walls were built and which can still be found in the cellar at the rear of the house. The arcade vaults that are typical of the local area were built in 1404. On Good Friday 1444, the entire alley was destroyed by a major fire.

Over the centuries, the townhouse in the “Blue Alley”, as it is popularly called, was extended and converte for use as a post office with “stone apartments” on the upper floors, as a coppersmith’s shop, as a coffee house and as a butcher’s shop. The renovation of 2023 uncovered the original structures: the suites and spa area blend into the historic walls with the aesthetics of a natural addition.

The value of good cooperation

Trust and mutual appreciation are the cornerstones of good cooperation. This is every day expressed in the friendly, cordial relationships within the team and with their guests, creating the basis for teamwork that will last for many years to come.

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